Vote To End Homelessness

September 26, 2019, by Susie Redekop, Community Developer on behalf of the Windsor Essex Alliance to End Homelessness, c/o 310 Sherk Street E, Leamington, Ontario, N8H 3L1, 519-324-0990 x 224

As we brace for the upcoming federal election in the midst of a housing crisis, the stakes are extremely high for the most vulnerable in our community – people experiencing homelessness. Windsor Essex Alliance to End Homelessness has continued to advocate for the creation of safe and affordable housing in our community and our members stand strong behind our messaging that ‘Housing Ends Homelessness’.

We urge voters to press federal candidates in your jurisdiction on how they are planning to address our community’s housing crisis and how they will be advocating for the creation of and investment into affordable housing – 457 people are currently experiencing homelessness in our community. Housing is a basic human right – the right to housing is now embedded in our federal legislation. Housing and homelessness is everyone’s business and the cost of doing nothing far outweighs the cost of doing something to address this crisis now.

Windsor Essex Canadians: your vote matters. When you vote for a federal election candidate who will champion the creation of safe and affordable housing, people without a home in our community receive the housing and support they need. It is time for cross-government collaboration in addressing the crisis as well as coordination across sectors (justice, health, non-profit and private developers, private market and social housing etc).

Ending homelessness and investing into housing means saving lives. We’ve seen right here in our city and county that by pairing a person who has experienced long-term homelessness with housing and wrap-around case management supports, they are able to become thriving members of our community. Since May of 2018, 326 people experiencing homelessness in our community have been housed.

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